by Horacle

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First Ep from Horacle, recorded in 2011 at Blackout Multimedia Studio.
27 minutes of pure Heavy Speed Metal!


released April 3, 2011



all rights reserved


Horacle Walcourt, Belgium

Being a long time fan of Heavy-Speed Metal L.Sabathan(ex Enthroned) formed Horacle together with david D.C in 2007.Line up was finally formed in 2010.
they released their first Ep in feb.2011 and shared the stage with such bands as SKULLFIST,IRON COBRA,HURLEMENT,NIGHTMARE,etc.
In october 2012 they recorded their second ep intitled "A Wicked Procession", showing a major improvement.Coming out soon!
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Track Name: Disturbing the light
The night is falling down
they gather in the Woods,
preparing their Weapons for the great Battle.
The Armies of Witches, Demons and Wizards
Under command of the Gods of Darkness…It's time…
Time to go at the Gates of doom,
there's no Light shine,
at the edge of the Night.

Following the ancestral Ritual,
They raise Swords and Axes forged in eternal Fire
there's no way to escape the Spellbound they create
their desire to win…the War.

Sacrifice is goin ’on tonight
vengeance with forever might
the unborn raising the Dead to kill the Light
disturbing believers the Light, the shining Light
far beyond the Boundaries of Time
there's no bright shine,
at the edge of the Night.

(Solo : D.C)

DISTURBING THE LIGHT...No brights of light shine in the sky,
DISTURBING THE LIGHT...The sun is away, the heaven denied,
DISTURBING THE LIGHT...There's no one god to save you this time,
DISTURBING THE LIGHT...The fires of hate shall made us win the fight,

Down there in a place where noones go
A place darker that no one knows, the damned Legion dwells
defying the Laws of the holy Grail
Shadows of the Scythe,
Wizards, Lord of the Flies
Soldier Hordes of Metal that Satan's created
sworn allegiance to bring back the Kingdom
At the end of the Night

Shadows, fight...Gods of the Light
Metal knights...riding the Night
Shadows, Fiends...Lord of the Flies
Darkness, Evil...vengeance with might
Shadows, Wizards...rising out Nightside
Soldiers of Metal...fighting the Wise
Track Name: Blaze up the town
He came from another place to rule the city,
Riding a steelburn machine, breathing like a machine gun
Gazing eye, pale skin, starring in the eyes of death
'Came to bring upon humanity the order of the devil
By the commands of his spells, he will blow down the city unleash hell
Nobody knows from where he's coming, scream out your fright!
And blaze up the town...

His quest is to find five churches, five sanctuaries, formed a five headed star, the sign of human bestiality
Somewhere between the crossline, drowned by distant poles
Deep in the underground the relics lies enclosed

By the command of his spells, he will dominate the mass into hell,
Deceive the souls of thousands holy men, Blaze up the town!
You will die!

Solo D.C/Dyno

Now he holds up and high the crimson artifact
The scepter concieved by Satan to enslave you at the order down to hell
A blood red roten ground, beasts are crawling at your feet
Grabs you in the underground, there's no one need to dig your grave The forces are unchained by the power of his spells
He broke the seal and lead us into hell, it's time for him to enslave the townsmen
Take down the entrails, the last resistance...
Blaze up the town!
Track Name: To face the fire
Never forget the real reasons for victory
Never forget the sacrifices for victory
There were in the army already much lost hearts
There were in the army much soldiers sacrificed
Stories explain the strategy of Bonaparte
But doesn’t speak about the warriors on the field
A sort of man not really like the others
A sort of man ready to lose their life

To face the Fire
To be upright in front of death
To face the Fire
As well the day that’s the night
To face the Fire
Heroes of the battle field
To face the Fire
Now lying behind the life

Until the end with the weapons in the hands
Until the end they cross the wall of death
Doing homage to these victory hearts
Doing homage for those souls to rest in peace
The fear was crushed by desire to fight
The fear was crushed by desire to destroy
A kind of mind not really like the others
A kind of mind determined to progress

To face the Fire
To be upright in front of death
To face the Fire
As well the day feels like the night
To face the Fire
Heroes of the battlefield
To face the Fire
Now lying behind the life

History doesn’t tell enough about these dashed soldiers
History doesn’t tell enough about the pain of these soldiers

Solo : D.C

To face the fire...
Track Name: A dream of glory
The Night will be short
the Battle will be long
he wanted to win
follow his destiny
To find the best way
never to retreat ...
the French strategy
must be made tonight


Just a Night to organize
everything he had in mind
to defeat the Enemy
was his Dream of Glory
to lead the largest Army

Enough Time to realize
everything he had in Mind
to defeat the Enemy
was his Dream of Glory
to enlarge is Territory

He heard his Army
Maybe for last time
Weapons where ready
To kill the Enemy
He wanted to lead
The greatest Victory
the French Strategy
will be made … tonight…

He goes down slowly
In his Dream of Glory
To meet the Spirits of the War
There repose all the Heroes
Who have lost there Body
Who have lost there fuckin’life
That’s all they're looking for

He succeed to talk with them
In his Dream of Glory
To know the Secrets of Victory
They took him into their World
World of Souls and Spirits
Which appears after each Battle
That’s all he's looking for!!!

It was another World
When he awoke
Everything has changed...
It was another World
When he saw his Army
An Army which was stronger
The spririts of the wars
Are back in this world
Had become warriors
The Napoleon Army
Was now ready
To fight the Enemy

Solos : Dyno & D.C

Universal King of the War
He was the only one
He was the greatest Emperor

It was his dream of glory...